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How to use Semi-solid Glue

Prep the Surface of Your Nails
  1. Prep Your Cuticles: Back cuticles and remove dead skin for a perfect fit of press on nails. (optional)
  2. Remove Oils: .Buff your nails and use alcohol or acetone to dehydrate them, ensuring all oils are removed for better adhesion.(essential).
  3. Base Coat. The base coat provides a smooth, protective barrier between the glue and your natural nails(optional)
Apply Semi-solid Glue:
  • Choose nails that fit your nail size.
  • Apply the glue at fake nail,take an appropriate amount of glue and rotate to evenly distribute
  • Slide the fake nail a few times,make sure the glue covers the entire
    nail surface(Very important)
  • Press for 20 seconds.Press from side to side to ensure there are no air bubbles

How to remove:

  • Apply glue remover to all edges of nails.
  • Use the cuticle pusher or nail stick to tilt out a gap and gently pry open
    the entire fake nail. 
  • Apply remover on your natural nails.
  • Use the nail stick to scrape off any residue
  • Use the alcohol pad to give the nails a thorough cleaning

Warm Tips

  1. Avoid Water: Keep your nails dry and avoid exposing them to water for one hour after application to allow the glue to set properly.
  2. If spillage occurs, wipe with a dry cotton,pad first. If the glue has dried, use remover.
  3. Use an appropriate amount of glue. Too much can spill over, and too little can reduce strength,You'll quickly find the optimal amount by experimenting with different quantities.
  4. The glue is strongest within the first three days, making removal difficult and potentially damaging to your natural nails. It is recommended to wait at least five days before removing the nails.

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